299 tonnes

“At Nylo homes we considered several options to reduce our carbon impact before meeting Construction Carbon who provide an excellent, straightforward and transparent service.  We are committed to building all our new homes carbon neutral. Construction Carbon play a significant part by allowing us to make this commitment.  We care about the climate, our planet and the future and we have no doubt our clients do too”.


New build: Greenfields, Glenferness Avenue, Talbot Wood, Bournemouth


Nylo Homes

Upfront Carbon emissions:

299 tonnes of CO2e (carbon dioxide or equivalent greenhouse gas emissions).

Assessment and works:

Construction Carbon provided an upfront carbon emissions calculation and the provision of a Lifecycle Carbon Assessment for a 7,440 m2 new development set in the conservation area of Talbot Wood.

Traditional in appearance and designed by prominent architect David James, the build comprises eight apartments and is set over three floors.

Sustainability goals:

The developer’s aim was to build sustainably, understand carbon hotspots, consider how the performance may be improved for future similar developments and minimise the project’s carbon footprint.  

Key reduction measures:

Nylo Homes came away with a good understanding about commercially viable alternatives to current carbon-heavy construction practices which in the long run will give home-buyers a clear environmental conscience at point of purchase.

Residual emissions:

Nylo Homes chose to support the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Project in Australia as a way of offsetting their residual emissions.

This was done via Gold Standard offsets, which were independently verified and reported on a public register as per the UK Green Building Council’s guidance on Net Zero for construction projects.  You can see more about the project here.

Closing Word:

In light of the construction industry being responsible for approximately 11% of global carbon emissions and the shift towards net zero, Nylo Homes hope to make their entire portfolio sustainable.

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