Rock Health

43 tonnes

Construction Carbon is in the process of successfully incorporating low carbon design into a new health club converted from a 10 pin bowling alley in The Channel Islands.


A new health and wellbeing facility - the Channel Islands’ first multi-use fitness centre, Rock House, Victoria Avenue, St Sampson, GY2 4BB  


Field Day Developments

Carbon emissions:

43 tonnes of CO2e (carbon dioxide or equivalent greenhouse gas emissions)

Assessment and works:

Construction Carbon provided an upfront carbon emissions calculation and the provision of a Lifecycle Carbon Assessment for the full refurbishment of a ten pin bowling alley for the purposes of a bespoke fitness facility totalling 2,400 m2.

The works included a comprehensive refurbishment of a ten pin blowing alley to host a suite of contemporary fitness studios, fully equipped changing facilities, a relaxed lounge area and extensive parking.  

Sustainability goals:

The aim was to upgrade the space sustainably, understand carbon hotspots, consider how the performance may be improved for future similar developments and minimise the project’s carbon footprint.  

Key reduction measures:

Timber finishes were high on the agenda in a bid to lower the embodied carbon emissions: Timber benching, timber panelling, timber doors and timber lockers.

Client says:

“Tom and Gilbert and onto a real winner. As we work more with Construction Carbon, we can tailor our spec and understand further how to become more sustainable by using alternative materials and offsetting residual emissions”

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Rock Health

A new health club converted from a 10 pin bowling alley in The Channel Islands.
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