UK Lifecycle Carbon Assessment (LCA) Foundation Training
Learn how to assess and reduce carbon in construction projects with our Lifecycle Carbon Assessment (LCA) training programme.

This programme has been developed by leading industry professionals and is supported by the Laudes Foundation, designed in partnership with CIBSE Training and is to be delivered in partnership with the Supply Chain Sustainability School.

This course is suitable for anyone working within the real estate industry. It is aimed at developers, surveyors, contractors, consultants and their teams who would benefit from a foundation in sustainable construction, lifecycle carbon assessments and the standards, policy, legislation and guidance impacting construction decision making.

This course will form the foundation to becoming an accredited UK Lifecycle Carbon Assessor, as an Advanced Accreditation Training programme will follow in 2024.

What you will learn‍

This free course is designed for developers, students and sustainability professionals who wish to learn more about carbon efficient construction, lifecycle carbon and the process of assessing carbon in a consistent way via sustainable construction.

Key topics:

  • What is embodied carbon and its impact on the climate emergency. What is carbon efficient construction and the regulations driving the need to measure and reduce lifecycle carbon in construction.
  • Lifecycle Carbon Assessment (LCA) core concepts, including building lifecycle stages, environmental impact assessment, and the data types required for performing LCAs.
  • Environmental Product Declarations (EPD), what they are, why they are so important and how they are managed.
  • Materials, what are the key contributors to embodied carbon, how do building techniques impact embodied carbon, decarbonisation and where to focus attention.
  • International Standards overview including standards, policy, legislation and guidance.
  • Wider context of sustainable construction including global regulation, the business case and sustainability beyond carbon.

Delivery Method

  • 4 core 2-hour training sessions delivered Monday to Thursday.
  • 1 live course recap / Q&A session to be held the Monday following the course launch.
  • 1 online course assessment, a multiple-choice test issued after completion of the 4 core sessions and the live course recap / Q&A session.

Course curriculum

Introduction video to Construction Carbon’s UK LCA Foundation Programme: Introduction, Schedule, General Rules & Assessment details    

Session 1: Introduction to sustainable construction and embodied carbon    

Session 2: LCA deep dive including: background, stages, impacts, and inputs    

Session 3: EPDs and Materials  

Session 4: International standards overview and the wider context of sustainable construction  

Session 5: LIVE Course Recap and Q&A

What is included?

  • 4 days of live or pre-recorded training sessions lasting 2-hours    
  • 1 day live course recap / Q&A session lasting 2-hours  
  • 1 online course assessment (multiple-choice test)  
  • A CPD Certificate of Course Completion issued upon passing the course online assessment which will confirm CPD hours attained.

Course dates WILL be published by November 2023

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