The whole thing needs a shakeup

Construction Carbon was born out of a frustration at the real estate industry’s failure to lower carbon emissions from construction. The construction process alone accounts for 11% of global carbon emissions and currently the journey to net zero is not standardised or accessible for most developers.
At the core of the concerns were some of the following issues:
  • Construction never changes. Asset values don’t reflect carbon efficiency.
  • No-one sees the carbon emitting, energy consuming hogs that are built and traded for higher and higher sums.
  • There should be a carbon score for construction and a carbon score for operation that a 6-year-old can understand: a ‘C’ should be worth less, an A, worth more.

Today Construction Carbon offers the industry’s most accessible net zero verification process for Construction, providing a simple, credible and standardised process for assessing, reducing and offsetting the embodied carbon of construction projects globally.

The company works with developers and financiers of all shapes and sizes to reduce the carbon humans have caused to the environment through construction.


Tom Scott

Co-Founder and EXEC CHAIR

Tom is a chartered surveyor who specialises in services associated with construction and property development. Tom is a member of The Chartered Institute of Building, an affiliate member of the Institute of Historic Building Conservation, and holds several RICS accreditations in property finance and Investment, including being an investment monitor and a member of the Institute of Historic Building Conservation.

Gilbert Lennox-King

Co-founder and CEO

Gilbert has delivered energy efficiency and technology programmes over the last 12 years throughout Asia and Europe. He previously co founded, built and exited one of Asia’s leading energy efficiency consultancies to a U.S. Multinational in 2016. More recently in London he led the smart score score certification for one of Europe’s largest office developers, HB Reavis.


Amie Shuttleworth

Technical advisory panel

Amie is a carbon specialist, principal at Shuttleworth Waite consultancy, ex head of sustainability at Sir Robert McAlpine, and ex Global head of Sustainability for Cundall. She is currently studying for a PHD at Cambridge researching how potential climate change impacts are assessed in the built environment in conjunction with the net zero carbon agenda.

Simon Sturgis

Technical advisory panel

Simon Sturgis was the lead author of the RICS professional statement on how to calculate Whole Life Carbon (WLC). In addition, Simon is a special adviser to the U.K. Government select committee on carbon in the built environment.

Natasha Higgins


Natasha is a trained journalist with a Masters in Journalism from City University. She has written for The Sunday Times Magazine, FT Weekend, and London Property Magazine with a focus on property, lifestyle and human interest.

Alex Storey


Alex is CEO at Reomnify, and was previously head of sales at Disruptive Technologies. Alex was previously head of partner sales UK & ireland for Google and has a depth of experience within the Proptech field.

Martin Harwar


Martin has built and exited two software companies in the past decade. He drives the creation and works on the vision and the roadmap for our platform. Martin likes to build things that partners, consumers, and suppliers love using and is passionate about skills, democratisation, carbon and cycling.

Akta Raja

Board Chair

Akta is an ex lawyer from Slaughter & May, an investment banker, and ex founder of Enhabit which she built and successfully exited in 2021. Akta is also Chair of the investment committee at Clearbrook Capital and sits on the board of a number of charities and an NHS trust.


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April 4, 2022

White Paper

How carbon emissions from the built environment can be controlled and mitigated by a government endorsed voluntary certification programme.
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April 8, 2022

Interview with the Expert: A discussion with Naveed Chaudhry, Co-Founder & Head of The Greenhouse at the Centre for Climate Change Innovation

What does it take to win a place on one of London’s top climate-change accelerators?
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April 6, 2022

Why is Wood So Good?

The Beauty of Timber in Construction
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March 9, 2022

Modular Homes: A way for the future

This week, Construction Carbon explore modular homes and offsite building – a highly efficient and less wasteful approach to construction.
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March 9, 2022

Can Concrete ever be Clean?

Concrete, by definition, is the most popular material in construction. It is also responsible for a shocking seven percent of global emissions. It is not emission intensive to produce; the extent to which it is used, however, makes it incredibly polluting.

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