Construction Carbon and Logistics Capital Partners Announce Three-Year Partnership

Logistics Capital Partners Announce Three-Year Partnership to Drive Net Zero Strategy for Sustainable Logistics Developments.

Construction Carbon, an independent carbon performancerating and verification company, is pleased to announce a strategic partnershipwith Logistics Capital Partners (LCP), a major pan-European logistics developerwith offices and sites in UK, The Netherlands, France, Belgium, Italy and Spain.This ground-breaking collaboration aims to establish a common basis ofcomparison and benchmarking across all LCP sites, enabling the development andreporting of a comprehensive Net Zero strategy and reducing upfront embodiedcarbon impact.

The three-year partnership will empower LCP to gain a deeper understanding of the carbon impact of their logistics developments at every stage of the construction lifecycle. By leveraging Construction Carbon's expertise and innovative platform, LCP will be equipped to identify and implement effective measures to reduce their carbon footprint, reinforcing their commitment to achieving Net Zero across all their developments. 

Emissions related to the construction industry are equal to 11% of global carbon emissions.  These upfront embodied carbon impacts are becoming more of an issue as the operational energy mix starts to decarbonise and embodied carbon impacts become a greater proportion of the overall carbon impact in buildings.

"We are thrilled to be partnering with Construction Carbon in our journey towards Net Zero," said James Markby, Managing Director of Logistics Capital Partners."This collaboration will provide us with valuable insights into our carbonperformance and help us develop effective strategies to reduce our environmental impact. By benchmarking and establishing a common basis for comparison across our diverse portfolio, we aim to drive sustainable practices in the logistics industry and contribute to a greener future."

LCP has now undertaken further lifecycle carbon assessments of 3.2 million sq ft.

“In 2023 we will achieve verification for ‘net zero in construction’ for 2.25 million sq ft, and a further ‘carbon neutral in construction’ verification for 1 million sq ft.  Then, for our next wave of immediate project starts post 2023, we have also commissioned in design carbon life cycle assessments of a further 4.7 million sq ft to start the path to net zero implementation for these next sites.” – said Markby.

Further projects once at design stage will be added to the review and assessment process between the two groups.

Construction Carbon brings extensive experience and a proven track record in carbon performance rating and verification. Their comprehensive approach combines rigorous data analysis, cutting-edge technology, and industry-leading expertise to deliver accurate, independently verified assessments and actionable recommendations. Through this partnership, LCP will benefit from Construction Carbon's unique insights and tailored solutions, ensuring their developments are aligned with international sustainability standards.

"We are excited to support Logistics Capital Partners in their pursuit of Net Zero as international standards in Europe and the UK continue to evolve," said Gilbert Lennox-King, CEO of Construction Carbon. "Our collaboration will enable LCP to establish a unified approach to measuring and reducing their carbon impact across their diverse logistics developments. By leveraging our expertise and verification services, LCP can drive meaningful change and set new benchmarks for sustainable construction practices in the logistics industry."

Together,Construction Carbon and Logistics Capital Partners are poised to shape the future of sustainable logistics developments. Their shared commitment to environmental responsibility and the reduction of carbon emissions will inspire industry-wide change, making a significant contribution to a more sustainable and resilient future.